A career webinar was organized virtually on 19th December 2020 by a group of six renowned universities from Australia. The session included the details from the reputed and prestigious Universities of Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne, Adelaide, Western Australia and Monash respectively. It gave our geckos the much-needed exposure to these universities in Australia and helped them weigh the pros and cons of studying in the continent. From displaying the popular and sought-after programs of the nation to also portraying the research scope of higher education there, the session was a very insightful one. The geckos received a clear picture of higher education in Australia along with the student support facilities and how life would be in Australia. Each of the participating Universities’ representatives gave valuable insight and why students consider Australia as a popular study destination. Furthermore, the discussions on the application process for 2021, admission deadlines and scholarship opportunities left no ambiguity among the students when it came to application requirements.

The session also provided a marvelous opportunity to the participants, where the students and parents could individually meet and discuss with the representatives during the webinar along with an open-house session. With a vote of thanks, the workshop was concluded on a very happy note as the participating parents and students were very happy for this webinar and counsel offered to them.


Some photos: