Mr. Pullela Gopichand who is known to nurture the future champions of Indian badminton has led the way for our nation into a new era of International badminton. The legendary coach visited Sportopia on 14th December 2020, the team and children were elated with his presence. The children put their best foot forward and actively participated in the badminton training. Mr. Gopichand was very happy to see the children train hard and actively work out. He keenly observed the participants’ endurance, agility and speed and didn’t resist himself from sharing his thoughts and ideas with them. He got on the badminton court and gave hands-on training to the students. He also showed how to feed shuttlecocks and performed the act himself. In the act, the children were ebullient and energetically played to hit the shuttlecock. He demonstrated crucial leg and hand movements to the young Badminton trainees at Sportopia who seemed to be eagerly grasping everything taught to them. The children at Sportopia were thrilled and participated enthusiastically.

These young ardent players learning the craft from the legendary coach himself also happened to impress the coach with their sprightly moves. The young future champions were totally elated when they found out that Mr. Gopichand will visit the campus once a week henceforth to train them. Indeed it was a moment of pride for the entire team of Sportopia!


Some photos of the visit: