Arts education as art, craft and design is a powerful tool to communicate one’s feelings, expressions and ideas. Arts in PYP engages and encourages students to explore and construct meaningful understanding of world around them. It provides various range of opportunities to respond, experience and experiment with historical, social and cultural perspectives. Through visual arts learning children develop in different aspects, promote creativity, help in critical thinking, problem solving and social interactions. It stimulates students’ thinking and articulates their thoughts in innovative ways and through various technologies and media. PYP engages student learning through such creative processes drives inquiry in classrooms. Creative art process conveys meaning, sharing a culture, developing one’s of self and expanding knowledge. It provides opportunity to reflect on aesthetic experiences, to engage in their own imagination and allows to explore.  During creative art process, learners are encouraged to reconsider concepts and think about issues of culture and identity. By responding towards other artists, students are encouraged to create their understanding within broader context. Arts in PYP pushes the creative learning process towards reflecting and taking action for the benefit of a society.

Wherever possible, arts should be taught through the units of inquiry and should support students’ inquiries. PYP programme of inquiry provides a relevant and authentic context for students to create and respond to art and it’s supported the acquisition of knowledge and skills, the development of conceptual understanding, and the taking of action. Art curriculum should be designed in such a way that the strands identified as part of arts in the PYP should be relevant to the transdisciplinary programme of inquiry as well as to subject-specific teaching.

Learning engagements must encourage students to make connections, apply their learning and transfer their conceptual understandings to new situations and provide opportunities to be lifelong learners.