Geckos of Grade 2 and 3 visited one of India’s largest chain in Health and Fitness centres the “Talwalkars” to learn the importance of “Keeping Ourselves fit”. The Gym instructors briefed the kids on the benefits of different types of exercises that play a vital role in reducing diseases, and increasing the physical , mental and emotional health of an individual.

Learning outcomes: Geckos were introduced to the gym equipments and vocabulary associated with exercises such as aerobics, cardio, etc. Students had hands on experience with dumbbells, treadmill, stepper and cycling.

Students reactions: They enjoyed doing Zumba which involves dance and aerobic elements, a perfect combo of fun and fitness workout. After an invigorating workout Geckos resolved to diligently exercise everyday for a healthier future.

Facilitators: Mrs. Jennifer Inti and Mrs. Neelam Sharma

Event Coordinator: Mrs. Mithali Joshi


Snapshots of the visit: