Geckos of Grade 2,3 6 and 7 had an inspiring guest speaker Mrs. Sunita Tummala a marathon runner from Hyderabad.

As the program of Inquiry is on healthy eating habit and body movements, we invited the speaker to motivate our kids in physical fitness for a healthier future.

Mrs. Tummala has represented India in several marathons across 7 continents. She talked about her journey to being a marathon runner that started in her late 30’s. Although she was a physical fitness trainer by profession, she never dreamt of being a marathon runner until she set foot at the base of Mount Everest. She saw a few folks running to get to the top of the mountain while she could barely walk couple of miles. Since that trip, she was determined to jump start her fitness plan to reach the target of 5K run. To date, she has a set a record with 75K marathon runner’s award. Mrs. Tummala was very excited to share her marathon’s travel experiences from Africa to Antarctica and the Everest run that enabled her to go places and meet people. She ran through the hot desert winds, traversed the cold mountain terrains that made her strong and tough in mind and body.

Students reactions: Our geckos were motivated by her numerous medallions. They were curious as to how she goes on to get them all. To this her answer was “ set a goal, in whatever you do , be determined and practice”. Specific to sports and fitness she told the geckos to set up routine and maintain a good balanced diet.

Facilitators: Mrs. Jennifer Inti and Mrs. Neelam Sharma

Event Coordinator: Mrs. Mithali Joshi.


Some inspiring moements: