Geckos of grades 4, 6 and 7 are involved in studying ‘The Government System and Its Functions’ in Social Sciences. We took a trip to the local government school called the “Model School Velimela’ to show our Geckos the roles and responsibilities of the governing bodies. The trip not only integrates into the inquiry of Govt. responsibilities but the citizens contributions to the system and thus all grades from 1 to 7 visited the govt school to add our share of responsibility.

Student Actions: Students and faculty went around the campus to see the classroom, the campus premises, labs and facilities that were available for the children studying at the school. The teachers of the government school were happy to have us on the campus and opened their labs for our students.Geckos of grades 6, 7 enthusiastically performed the acid- base test in the chemistry lab while grades 4,5 took a sneak peak at the fish specimens and the microscope in the biology lab. Geckos spent the fundraising amount in an ‘Public addressing system/Speaker system’ that was presented to the Velimela Model school for a good cause. They also contributed pencils, pens, markers, and few other stationary for the school’s everyday use.

Learning outcomes: There was a mixed reactions from the students of grade 6/7 as they came to realise the drawbacks in the roles and responsibilities of the government system of India. Students did a comparative analysis of the private vs. government school sectors, and with the US public school system. The campus although had the basic infrastructure but staff did not seem to take care and showed very poor maintenance of the facilities. The classrooms were dusty, every corner of the campus was untidy with trash, poor drinking and sanitary system. The school had good strength in the number of students attending from grade 1 to 12. This proved that our country needs such schools to provide basic education for the low and underprivileged that makes the majority of the population in India. Geckos compared their own privileges for education at an international school. Students made connections and reflected that although small yet the government has taken some initiatives to support the underprivileged people but there is a long way to traverse for our country to provide proper basic amenities for its society and communities. This can be achievable goal if every citizen gives to the bigger cause and that was done by our geckos although minor contributing to the school.


Some highlights of the visit: