The Geckos of grade 7 visited Olive Hospital to understand their Social Studies unit, Healthcare Services, better. They witnessed the advanced health care provided there. They interacted with the CEO who explained how the emergency ward and the ICU works and what are the equipment that are available. They were shown the different blocks of the hospital, viz. the administrative block, the general ward, the private ward and the lab. They understood what facilities make a hospital a multi-speciality hospital. They were amazed to learn that some hospitals provide air ambulance in emergencies and that doctors from different countries fly in for surgeries. They also learnt that the operation theatres at the Olive Hospital have satellite links. The experience was very educating since they got to understand that healthcare is expensive and that a lot of funds need to spent on it for betterment of the population.

Facilitators: Staff Of Olive Hospital and Mrs. Deepti (Social faculty of The Gaudium School)


Some moments from the visit: