While the world celebrated the Olympics at Rio, the Geckos of The Gaudium has their own version of the event in their magic campus on 6 August, 2016. The Mock Olympics saw Geckos from grade 1 to 8 exhibiting amazing skills and talents. The chief guest was the eminent sportsperson; Ms. Archana Veeramachineni and the beginning of the event was marked by the guest of honour, Mr. C.S. Reddy. The ceremony proceeded with the lighting of the Olympic torch followed by various events like pom pom drills, gymnastics, aerobics and track events that varied from running races to hula-hoop races. There were also events for the parents which they thoroughly enjoyed. Though the Mock Olympics closed on the same day, the inquiry will continue till the closing of the Rio Olympics. Each Gecko participated in the Mock Olympics representing one of the participant countries of the Rio Olympics and they are expected to follow up the country and make a presentation when the Summer Olympics at Rio finally closes. Overall, the Mock Olympics helped spread the spirit of sportsmanship and unity among the Geckos as they pushed their boundaries and limits.


Some highlights of the event: