Theatre brings play, humor, and laughter to learning. It is an act of imagination to become someone or something other than yourself. It enhances verbal and non-verbal expressions of ideas. Theatre builds self-confidence in students. Performing on a stage for an audience teaches them to trust their ideas, expressions, and abilities.

On the occasion of “Theatrical Evening”  at The Gaudium School, our Grade 2 students, performed a play connected to UN sustainable Goal number 7, “Affordable and Clean Energy” which ensures access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. It is key to the development of agriculture, business, communications, education, healthcare, and transportation. The lack of access to energy hinders economic and human development.

Our learners communicated this message to the audience through a combination of gestures, expressions, speech, song, and music. They gave the message that through collaboration, design thinking, deep thinking, constructivism, and inquiry we can solve our real-life issues.

Our parents were very appreciative after seeing their student’s performance and how they connected to real-life issues to come up with innovative solutions.


Some highlights: