A student-led conference is a conference wherein the students lead parents through a journey of their learning. It is a time when the teachers step aside and allow the students and parents to share a close educational experience together.

The academic year 2020-2021 began with virtual classes and hence the first Student Led Conference of the PYP wing was conducted on the virtual platform.

The young learners of The Gaudium School were all enthusiastic and excited to showcase what they have learnt so far. Students joined the virtual classrooms along with their parents, all prepared and set to explain their learning in different areas.

Students chose learning engagements from different subject areas and confidently demonstrated the concepts learnt, knowledge acquired and skills gained.

Parents, on the other hand, were excited to see the level of confidence and enthusiasm shown by their children as they completed the chosen learning engagements from the unit of inquiry, language and math. Students demonstrated various skills learnt in PE sessions, sang songs or rhymes of their choice learnt in music class, performed mindfulness exercises learnt during regular mindfulness sessions as well as narrated the story of their choice from the books read this term. Grade 1 and above students also completed the learning engagements related to their chosen second language.

Digital student portfolios were shared as well with the parents to give a glimpse of the learning journey so far. It included both – student-chosen and teacher-chosen work from all the subject areas that showed their learning or progress in learning. It also had evidence of the attributes of the learner profile as well as ‘Approaches To Learning’ skills used, developed and demonstrated by the students. The digital portfolio had a record of any action the students took as a result of their learning.

Overall, it was an incredibly reflective experience for all involved: the teachers, the students and the parents. Even though the mode was virtual this year, the Term 1 Student Led Conference was a splendid journey made successful with the high-spirited participation by each and every stakeholder involved.


Some highlights: