5th September is indeed a very special day on The Gaudium calendar, for, it is Teacher’s Day in India. So the day began with a special assembly.

In the assembly, the geckos from Grade 1 to 10 were gathered together to wish their teachers in a very special way.

The representatives of the Student Council reminded all about the significance of Teacher’s Day and talked about Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan whose birthday it is that is celebrated. His contributions to the nation as a teacher motivate the newer crop of teachers to do their best.

As a part of the celebration, The Student Council members enacted a beautiful sketch on the different kinds of teachers one may encounter and how life becomes fun at school.

Our Principal, Mrs. Hema Surapaneni also shared a few words of appreciation for the teachers. She also shared an anecdote about one of her teachers whose incredible act of compassion taught her to be an amazing human.

Hema Ma’am’s words had us energized and encouraged. After this, the members of The Student Council played some games with the teachers that helped create wonderful memories filled with laughter.

The teachers were shown heart-felt appreciation by being given flowers and a note written by the Principal herself  which she made sure to hand over individually to each teacher.

The whole day wore a mantle of joy and laughter.

Some snaps: