A combination of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and continuous effort results in one’s dreams coming to reality. This is what our geckos of Grades 9 to 12 witnessed as they attended a truly motivating ‘Talking Titans’ session. Being a one-of-a-kind initiative, ‘Talking Titans’ inspires greatness through the way of participating in insightful discourses and indulging in meaningful conversations. In the session conducted on 4th November 2020, we had with us young gun Master Hardik Rajpal. He has to his name innumerable laurels worthy of unabated applause. From securing a brilliant IGCSE result to top-notch performances in Olympiads, his school days have been embellished with achievements. Furthermore, he qualified JEE 2020 with an all India Rank of 6 making it his masterstroke of genius. Presently he is enrolled in the prestigious IIT Mumbai.

Master Hardik, in the session, took the students through his journey of academic success as he shared the practical approaches to planning and preparation with the audience. He reinforced that his rigorous academic training which started from 7 a.m. and continued till 10 p.m. every day was very essential and it was the key factor behind his academic success. This discipline helped him overcome all the teenage distractions which have come his way. He informed the geckos on how important it is to set a goal. When a person or individual sets a goal and has faith in oneself to achieve the target, one can achieve it with true sincere efforts. Master Hardik also emphasized on preparing a definite time table. Such exams require a lot of preparation and having a properly planned time schedule helps in the systematic preparation very well. Thus, planning well is crucial when it comes to examination preparations, as it organises and distributes the lesson plans accordingly. One very important suggestion that he gave was to reflect on the mistakes that happened before. A student can reflect on their past mistakes and analyse themselves better, prepare, and plan accordingly.

It was an impactful session for the students of Grades 9 to 12. The geckos were amazed to find out about Master Hardik and how he emerges victorious in all his academic endeavours. The diligence required for academic preparations was reinstated by him as was crucial timely planning. His academic journey provided the geckos with many prominent takeaways, most importantly being dedication and commitment to work hard. The session left them with the thought that the struggle they are in today is actually developing in them the strength that they require for tomorrow.


Some highlights: