Leaders are not born, they are made

A traditional feature of The Gaudium School, the Investiture ceremony signifies the occasion of formally investing a student with authority, power, right, office and dignity. The process of electing the student council instills unbeatable confidence and unearths the magnificent skill of leadership amongst the young students to get the opportunity to set examples by contributing their duties to the best of their abilities. The student council not only provides students with a platform for developing leadership skills but also paves their way to become global leaders of the future.

A grand Investiture Ceremony was hosted by The Gaudium School for its Class of 2020-21 on Thursday, 12th Of November 2020, virtually which was streamed live on the school social media handle. The newly elected student council members comprising of 30 geckos from IB PYP, Cambridge International, CBSE and IBDP were felicitated by their parents at their homes in the presence of entire school fraternity. With the prestigious sash on their shoulders and Prefect/ Captain badge on their left, a huge roar of success marked the arrival of the prefects and captains of Class of 2020-21 to the world of opportunities and accomplishments. This year of 2020, being a strange year of the pandemic, the celebrations instead of happening in the sprawling grounds of The Gaudium School have happened virtually, nevertheless have been very successful and grand in all its vigour!

It was a perfectly executed virtual event hosted by Mr Prithvi Sinha, High School English facilitator and Head of the Department. The audience was led into a melodious musical rendition of the Gaudium School song, followed by the address of the Cambridge International and CBSE Principal, Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton. Displaying exceptional oratory skills, she moved the audience with her address as she congratulated the elected members and inspired them to forge ahead developing benevolent leadership skills. The investiture ceremony commenced with the school Head Boy and Head Girl being conferred with the badges and felicitated by their parents with the sashes. It was followed by the positions of Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl, Cultural Committee Captains, Literary Committee Captains, and Sports Committee Captains. The Principal of IB PYP Ms. Anjalika Sharma in her address reflected on the PYP students’ journey this year in the selection and election process of the new council. Global Leadership, being one of Gaudium’s developmental pillars, the process of Investiture gave the students an excellent opportunity for voice-choice and ownership. The event moved on to the conferring and felicitation of the Grade 5 PYP Student Council Leaders namely, Sports Prefects, Cultural Prefects, and House Prefects of the Four Houses of The Gaudium- Dragon, Griffins, Pegasus and Sphinx.

The Principal of IB MYP and DP Mr. Shanmugham Paramasivan shared his words of wisdom on the august occasion as he congratulated and expressed his contemplations on how our students have a continuum in demonstrating their leadership skills, as well as how as a team the school has grandly celebrated all the events successfully this academic year, being the year of limitations. The ceremony forged ahead with announcing of the House Captains who proudly accepted their badge and wore the ceremonious sash from their parents. The Head of Sports Mr. Shiv Kumar Sen initiated the Oath taking ceremony, which was a moment of pride as the Council Members pledged to keep up the Vision and Mission of the school. The newly elected school Head Boy, Rachit Sharma, addressed the dignitaries, the council and the entire audience inspiring fellow students and thanking for the opportunity.

The event was graced by the Vice President- Head of Operations Mr. Vijay Raghavan who moved the audience with his inspiring address. He spoke on leadership and conveyed that one key trait of a leader is to challenge status quo and challenge tradition which leads to discovering new paths and innovation. Such a prestigious event, flawlessly conducted over the virtual platform, made the entire team of Gaudium and all the stakeholders proud of being associated with this school. The grand virtual ceremony of Investiture was wrapped up with a vote of thanks proposed by Grade 5 Prefect Ayaan Khan who thanked the school management and all the people involved in ensuring the Investiture Ceremony to be a grand success!

You can watch the full video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=791375808099293&ref=watch_permalink


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