Teacher Training By Lego Edumatic

Venue: The Gaudium

Date: 18 & 19 August 2017.

Objective: To empower teacher in delivering STEM curriculum.

Attendees: Nursery, PP1, PP2, G 1 to 9 Facilitators. 

LEGO® Education Academy (Edutec from Chennai) offered Face-to-Face professional development at the Gaudium. The certified trainer provided the Facilitators with the learning philosophy and product knowledge necessary to create a successful classroom implementation of the chosen LEGO Education solutions.

The course helped the teachers with tools and confidence needed to deliver engaging and lifelong learning experience. Each LEGO Education session focused on the academic content and materials of each product, and then explains how the content can be included in lessons and unit plans. Lego also gives the freedom to the teacher to create their own content.

Each grade level teacher had been trained to cater to the specific age group, in different strands of STEM i.e. science, math, English, engineering and technology. They built the models at the Primary, Elementary and Middle school course level. At the elementary stage the Duplo kit and Bee Bot session facilitates learning through play, preschool teachers help children build essential life skills, developing creative and inquisitive lifelong learners. At the Elementary course teachers used Early Simple Machine Kits that can provide solutions which enables students to grow their natural curiosity and enthusiasm about the world around them in a hands-on way. For the middle school it provides tailor-made combinations of hardware and standards-relevant activities applicable for use in classrooms, after school programs and competitive events. The kits used for the middle school training can engage students in many science concepts like energy resources, pneumatics, robotics (We Do), simple machines etc. For the Secondary School advanced solutions of EV3 mind storm computer programing and robotics training was provided to the ICT facilitator.


Some highlights: