Our school management had organized for a lecture by Mrs. Archana Katangur on adaptations, our current topic of inquiry. She is our middle school teacher who is not only knowledgeable but also passionate about teaching. Session started with instructions given by her which our geckos followed until the end of the session. She engaged them with her lecture and visual aids in such a way that they were enthused to inquire more and more on the subject. She brought to light some unique adaptations. Her explanation of the difference between mimicry and camouflage, the reason as to why they are categorized under structural adaptation and not behavioural was crystal clear. She explained the adaptation in different species based on the environment. She started with different regions viz. polar, aquatic, desert….then came up with animals, plants, birds living there and continued the session inquiring our geckos. The responses of our geckos to her inquiries displayed not only their interest to know more about the subject but also their understanding of the lecture. It was a fruitful session where facilitators along with geckos gained knowledge.


Some moments from the talk: