STEM is a methodology and changing landscape of learning

The next generation students/ learners are highly energetic, very vocal; packed with information from different resources and want to get their hands-on things that provoke their curiosity. With these positive attributes they also have a very short attention span, short lived enthusiasm and varied interests.  Having these differential learner profiles makes teaching a challenging task especially when it comes to core field such as Science and Math. Kids come  with bubbling energy to start the school day they want to have fun while learning and not listen to some boring lecture of teachers who want them to learn in certain set format or routine. The moment they see numbers or science text book the energy becomes volatile. The enthusiasm is lost because it is difficult for them to understand the application of numbers or concepts when seen it in pain black and white.  But if we can use that energy and direct it to show them the applied aspect and an easier route to learn the concepts then we as teaching facilitators have made a lasting impact on the future generations learning ability.  STEM program integrates all the four major fields (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) a multidisciplinary tool for the facilitator to engage the kids in learning by doing.  The enthusiasm of building, creating new stuff, engage in hands-on activity will contain as well keep the energy levels peeking in the learners. Geckos at Gaudium look forward to the action packed session because they have fun comparing and contrasting the Human vs Robot to study the “Body movements/ Skeletal system” in science.  They solve problems, analyze ratios, measurement, speed and distance dealing with math/physics concepts using the “wheeler project”. We can teach Pneumatics, Wind energy , Air pressure, using the “Windmill project” and the many Simple machine Lego Projects”. The program gives the platform for the student to have happy minds and thus learning becomes limitless.