Event & Organisers

Science & Technical Expo for School Students (Classes VIII to X) organized by Gitam University

Date, & Venue:

On 22nd & 23rd December 2017 at Gitam University, Rudraram, Patancheruvu

GITAM University, Hyderabad, organised the second edition of Science and Technical Expo on its campus on December 22 and 23. According to the Vice- Chancellor N. Siva Prasad “it is a platform for innovators and creators to apply conceptual knowledge to bring about sustainable progress in society, leading towards improvement and betterment of mankind”. The Gaudium was invited to participate in the expo and our geckos of grade 8 and 9 assisted by science faculty Mr. Ram K. Rao and Mrs. Padmaja Sujeeth very enthusiastically took part in the science exhibition. Twelve geckos were selected to participate in different events like quiz competition, puzzle solving, model display, poster presentation, and lecture series.  The science team presented a working model of “Piezoelectricity”.

The concept of piezoelectricity is unique and cost effective application that generates electricity using mechanical stress on quartz crystals. The model has Piezo pad that has vertical and horizontal arrangement of discs. These discs generate electricity when mechanical stress is applied on them. Their idea was to place such pads on all areas where human population would walk, which leads to production of immense amount of electricity that can be used to light street lamps. Their innovative idea was highly appreciated by Professors of GITAM University, and thousands of visitors who came to the EXPO.  Our gecko Mohan of Grade 8 won the third place in puzzle solving. It was a great exposure and experience for our Geckos as they witnessed the happenings in the science and technical filed of the future. The students received participation certificate.

Some highlights: