Students of The Gaudium school actively participated in “Zero Accident Day”, an awareness programme recently initiated by the Traffic Police department of Hyderabad. To ensure safe driving our students carried placards cautioning drivers against the use of cell phones and talking while driving.

Chinmayi (Grade 3) and Shreya (Grade 7), both students of The Gaudium, were applauded for their heart-warming extempore speech. These young minds of ours stressed the importance of having presence of mind while driving and avoiding distractions like talking over a cell phone. They also cautioned children to be punctual and not force the drivers to drive fast to reach the school.

At the end of the programme the students performed a  play highlighting the mistakes we make while driving and the mishaps that happen due such bad practices concluding it with the slogan, ‘Swach Telangana, Surakshith Telangana’. The message conveyed to the audience was an eye opener to every person who attended the awareness programme and won their hearts.

Our students took an oath to be good citizens of the country by following all the road safety and traffic rules.

Mr. Sudhakar Reddy garu, administrative head, of The Gaudium, was present, along with the Gaudium team of facilitators, and Mr Raghu Kumar, S.I of Cyberabad, conveyed his heartfelt thanks to the management and the Principal, Mrs Hema Surapaneni, for encouraging the students to participate in the awareness program.

The Gaudium is proud of our students and their contribution to making the Safety Awareness event a success.

Facilitator: Hyderabad Traffic Police


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