Human beings are social in nature. Being a part of our society, we exhibit a social behavior too. In our social environment, we take care of others and they care us too. As soon as  a child grows up to a responsible person, he starts to serve other in one or more ways and also needs help of others. He either starts some occupation or does a job. With the type of work he does, becomes a direct or indirect helper for others in society. The basic need for others bounds all persons to each other and makes our social environment friendly, closer and interdependent.

Being the current unit of inquiry ‘Community Helpers’ PP1 Geckos are learning about people who do different kinds of work in the community, their role and responsibilities. The learners also got to know  about organizations where more than one community helpers contribute for its smooth functioning. To get a hands on experience of an organization and understand the school hierarchy the Geckos became journalist for a day and interviewed different community helpers of the school. They interacted and asked many questions to the people who carry out different tasks in the school; right from the coordinators to the admin staff and security guards.

The Geckos very enthusiastically played the role of journalists, holding the mike in their hands and showed a lot of curiosity while performing this task. Further they made school hierarchy chart and depicted their learning in the form of a flow chart.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some highlights: