In the increasingly popular Talking Titans series, the high school geckos had the opportunity to listen to the success story of Ms. Meghana Reddy Gundalapally, the rhythmic gymnastics wizard who is the saga of grace and finesse herself. Having reached the pinnacle in her field, she presently is practising at the world-class facility of Sportopia.

Ms. Meghana shared her journey of becoming a successful rhythmic gymnast which was very inspiring for all the geckos to know.  Her performance video which was shown on the occasion was mesmerizing for all to watch. Achieving success as a sportsperson, many would have wondered how she managed everything which included completing studies along with persevering diligently for her national and international competitions. She shared her story and also expressed how sports have instilled a deep discipline in her life, which along with proper organization and planning skills have resulted in smooth execution and success. A deep gratitude for all the support which she has received all the way from her school teachers, parents and coaches at every juncture of her life showcased how humble she is in spite of her reaching the pinnacle. Contemplating on the lockdown time, she expressed that it has been difficult for most athletes and sportspersons as the government training grounds were not readily available for consistent training sessions. Ms Meghana expressed her thankfulness to Gaudium Sportopia for the excellent training spaces and also praised the infrastructure which is at par with international standards. She also admired the approach to sports which is taken at Sportopia, which is very scientific and at par with professionals.

The journey of becoming an international level rhythmic gymnast, completing her schooling with flying colours, and the motive of representing something more than her-own-self, representing the nation in the world stage is something which fuels the urge to give in the best and train the hardest – did much more than motivate the geckos. They understood how important discipline and strategic planning is in life. They realized how realizing the goal and giving 100% to it without stressing on the results, helps one achieve success. The photographs and videos of her performance were stunning and showcased the constant hard work, practice and training which have helped her reach the pinnacle.


Some highlights: