The Gaudium Happy Minds Model rests on 5 developmental pillars, which represent our belief that Holistic Excellence in learning, teaching and leading is achieved by imbibing 5 core values and implementing a well-defined mindfulness and well-being programme involving all stakeholders thereby ensuring that our global leaders are ready to take the quantum leap into the future.

This year under the Holistic Development pillar-  life skills programme was introduced to the PYP students. In this programme, the students will understand and participate in different life skills like, non-fire cooking, table manners, gardening and first aid. These well-planned activities will be conducted monthly.

The first session of life skills was conducted on Friday, 1st July 2022.

The students from Nursery to grade 2 were introduced to non-fire cooking where they engaged in preparing lemonade. They worked with their friends and teachers in the classroom. The young learners shared the recipe and reflected on their experience as well.

The students of grades 3 to 5 had a session about First Aid. They focused on – What is first aid? Why is it important to learn about first aid? What are different types of injuries? What first aid needs to be given?

The students of grades 3 and 4 watched a video about first aid and its importance while the students of grade 5 attended a session conducted by our school nurse.


Some highlights: