The geckos of grade 2 G conducted the PYP assembly on Thursday, 5th of March 2020. Aadya Reddy Konda conducted the assembly, which started with the school prayer song- “Where the mind is without fear”. The thought for the day was presented by Zayd Mohammed – “ Take a risk in your life, if you win you can lead if you lose you can guide”. The local, international and sports news was shared by Nishan Mishra.

Sanav Gangula and Nishant.D shared few amazing “Do you Know facts” about Einstein’s brain and Toilet Museum in New Delhi. This was followed by Shlok Iyer sharing information about the upcoming event Holi festival. All students joined in and concluded the assembly by singing the song “Aap agar saath ho”. PYP Coordinator Ms Kiran Singh shared measures to be safe and healthy during the outbreak of coronavirus.


Few pics: