The parent teacher meeting provide us with great opportunity to connect and develop a healthy relationship as well as build strong bridge for the holistic development of the child. Active participation of a parent brings phenomenal change in the overall performance of a child.

PTM are also a wonderful time to meet with your child’s entire teaching team.  Each teacher in the classroom, whether he/she is a home room teachers or a single subject teacher, has valuable insights regarding each child’s experiences at school and can give a more complete picture of his/her day.

PTM  opens up the communication channel for a constructive approach on aligning the strategies adopted at school and at home for more effective results. Our first PTM for this academic year was held on Saturday, 31st August 2019.  Parents and facilitators collaborated well to come up with a plan of action based on the feedback shared by them on areas of strengths and improvements. Points of action and feed-forward were documented which will be reviewed periodically for the implementation of the same.


Some highlights: