Our geckos at the Gaudium school participated in the making of eco- friendly Ganesh idols to contribute for the well being of the environment we live in. They made Ganesh idols using clay under the guidance of the art department. The geckos were made aware of the cause behind the making of eco-friendly Ganesh idols. They exhibited high levels of enthusiasm. The homeroom facilitators too joined in with the geckos. The Gaudium school has extended a helping hand to donate the funds raised from the sale of the Ganesh idols made by the geckos to an old age home. Every member of the Gaudium family brought these beautiful eco-friendly Ganesh idols to support the noble cause behind it.

These idols are made by the geckos, to lead by example to promote eco-friendly idols that won’t pollute lakes and rivers with lead, arsenic and other toxic chemicals.


Some pictures: