Sports and games are not seen as extracurricular activities in The Gaudium; Geckos are given umpteen sports opportunities in almost all sports and games. In recent years, we have seen a few sports gaining momentum with a new exposure. Kabaddi is one such sport that adults and children of today enjoy and trying to get a grip on. The history of Kabaddi says that it is a contact game that was originated in Tamilnadu and slowly spread across to the other south states of India. There are many other versions available regarding its origin. People who believe Tamilnadu as its place of origin, will also believe that it is coined out of two different Tamil words “kai-pidi” which means “to hold hands”. Two teams combat against each other in Kabaddi and it tests mainly the raiders’ physical stamina and breath control skills.

Bringing Kabaddi onto national and international platforms organizing Indian Pro-Kabaddi League and Kabaddi World Cup, retrieved Kabaddi and brought it back into the limelight gaining it the status of a sport. The sparkling revival it went through contributed many new fans to it. If for many, it was a game they cherished playing in their childhood and were longing to play, for the new admirers and Kabaddi lovers, it is a sport that resonates energy and spirit.

The Gaudium trains Geckos in Kabaddi. The players enthusiastically participate in the practice sessions and look forward to participating in tournaments.  The recent victory the geckos made in Kabaddi was the Junior Kabaddi Tournament. As a prelude to the Kabaddi Tournament which was held on 30 June-1 July, the geckos participated in a Pro-Kabaddi Junior practice match at Obul Reddy School, Jubilee Hills on 20th June. This practice session helped them to realize the importance of agility, balance, coordination and teamwork in the game. Later, the geckos took part in Junior Pro-Kabaddi Tournament at Saroonagar Stadium. Though in the second match the geckos could not beat the opponents, the first match was against Udbhav School and the geckos won it with 27 points against a 6.


Some key moments: