Poetry is indeed a powerful literary expression of human experiences, feelings and emotions, but sadly, among our youngsters, a much less talked about literary form. With an intent to instil its importance in the geckos and to revive this intellectual and aesthetic literary form, The Gauidum conducted  a poetry writing competition for all the young writers of Grades 6 to 10 CAIE on 5 August 2019.

The Geckos chose to write on any one of the themes. The categories and some broad-based themes for the competition were as follows.

Category A – Grades 6 & 8

Theme – Nature OR My Dream World

Category B – Grades 9 &10

Theme – My Inner Voice OR Co-existence of humans and animals

In poetry writing competitions, themes play crucial roles. Since it is creative writing, themes can urge writers’ imagination and thus make possible a smooth and uninterrupted word flow. Therefore, the themes were chosen with the utmost care that they could ignite the geckos’ imagination and help them fluently  express their strong feelings, emotions, ideas and opinions.

While the geckos filled up the scripts with the breathing of their heart in words, that formed stanzas that rhyme at times, they also realised that this was one genre of writing that allowed an unabated, powerful flow of emotions and creativity – far removed from any set pattern of the other genres of writing.

The scripts said it all – the strong expression of personal feelings and emotions. The literary devices were seen widely but effectively used and the sense of flow aptly kept. Some surprises while going through the scripts were a joy to the judges as hidden talents got revealed through this competition.

Of course, this competition helped the geckos to stir their mind for a powerful outpouring of words of emotions – strung together skillfully to create cohesion of the lines and provide the readers with absolute reading pleasure.


The poems: