CAS activities allow students to develop varied skills and complement curricular activities. They groom students for working together. Such activities essentially are experiences that students can connect to classroom learning or help  reinforcing concepts or to mirror the main academic learning outcomes. Through these experiences, students identify their goals, develop strategies and determine further actions for self-development.

To bridge social gaps and to promote team-building, self-discipline and interactive learning, a CAS project was organized and conducted by the geckos of Grades VI and VII CAIE on 3 August 2019 at the Kollur campus. The project  was to teach the sub staff of The Gaudium School basic communication skills in English. This activity assisted the geckos to build on their leadership and communication skills and to enhance creativity, decision-making and organization skills. They learned the importance of cooperation, service to the community, time management, commitment and developing social skills and self-esteem. For the sub staff, it was an interesting and exciting session. They learned to greet each other and respond to simple questions.

All the participants were extremely enthusiastic and they expressed their interest to attend such sessions regularly. They geckos participated in the activity with high spirit.

We are looking forward to coming up with more such exciting CAS projects in the coming days!

Some pics: