It is indeed very important to exercise and be fit, especially during these times of the pandemic. Exercising not only increases our energy levels but also improves our strength and efficiency leading to a stronger and active physique. For students, especially when life treads sluggishly, staying at home and even schooling from home with limited exposure to outdoors, keeping fit and ensuring physical wellbeing is of utmost importance. At the Gaudium, we ensure that our geckos get the right dose of physical activity through a combination of interesting activities during PE classes.

Being indoors with no access to sports facilities, it is, many times, getting difficult to manage our fitness levels. Regardless of that, as Physical Education facilitators, we try to ensure that the students are fit. Resources and exercise equipment lacking, there are still various methods of maintaining fitness. Body-weight exercises can help us stay on track.

The students practiced various exercises which catered to the need of strengthening their whole body. They were instructed to keep in mind to focus on the range of motion and slowing down the speed of their movements. These excellent exercises, in addition to strengthening the targeted muscles, also managed to get their heart rate up and increase their core strength which helps them function better in daily life.

A ‘Tabata’ routine – Tabata training is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, featuring exercises that last only for four minutes. This Japanese routine helps you to slowly build your stamina and endurance. We practiced this with our students during the PHE sessions regularly and the progression was increased from 20 sec to 40 secs by doing it on a regular basis. In the class, students were given a chance to lead the session under the teacher’s guidance. They were actively involved in doing both the warm up and the Tabata routines. Needless to say, the geckos thoroughly enjoyed these sessions.

Focusing on the ‘Summative assessment’, the students of Grade 6 are documenting their health log and will analyze their health log and then plan a health routine to lead a better healthy lifestyle for the future. From inspiring the students to keep fit and taking care of their physical wellness to teaching and practicing these fitness routines, we make sure that the geckos are motivated, fit and active as they develop these healthy practices for life.


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