The Cambridge International curriculum is designed in a manner which develops the students’ confidence, innovation and resourcefulness. The evaluation conducted at the various stages of a student’s learning accesses these skills and, in the process, helps the students with a detailed diagnosis of their learning and comprehension. Not only do these habits form the foundation for productive study, but are also actively encouraged by the board.

A major transitional stage for a student studying in the Cambridge International curriculum is Grade 8, which acts as a culmination stage of the lower secondary curricula and an entry point into the upper secondary IGCSE exams. To make an informed choice and prepare well for the forthcoming checkpoint examinations, The Gaudium School conducted a virtual Parent Orientation session on IGCSE for the Grade 8 parents on 21st November 2020. The orientation was given by the CI Principal and the Coordinator and was a run-through of the various subjects offered, the subject choices which the students can opt for in Grades 9 and 10, informing the parents of the details of grading system and the popularity of various subject combinations.

The virtual orientation session acted as a good forum for the parents to understand and get clarity about the IGCSE curriculum and the subject choices offered at the school. The orientation also served as a platform for the parents to ask questions to the principal and the coordinator in the open house session. The parents were happy with the detailed insight which was offered at the session helping them gain better awareness of the curriculum.