Empathy is basically the ability to understand others’ emotions. – Daniel Goleman

Empathy is the core value for this month and it is incorporated through different sessions and platforms for the students to imbibe and understand its importance. It is indeed the need of the hour; students were taken through a counseling session on Empathy on 20th November 2020 for the CBSE & CAIE middle school geckos by Ms. Sukanya Das. The school counselor and Psychology facilitator initiated the session highlighting the importance of empathy in our lives and how it helps the individual in developing into a complete human being.

She explained what empathy is and why is it essential. Necessarily being a skill that can be taught, developed, just like any interpersonal skill, it also comes naturally to many. She enumerated how empathy empowers one and also showcased the results of what happens when one lacks it. How empathy is the bigger umbrella encompassing the other core values of the school viz., gratitude, respect, integrity, compassion, appreciation, humility, respect, and tolerance. Through many interactive quizzes, games, and questions and answers, the session was kept very practical, interactive, and interesting for the students.

The instances from daily life made it relatable for the geckos helping them make the right connections. Ms. Sukanya also highlighted various instances, where one can pay attention and should actively empathise instead of overlooking and moving on, which almost everyone would most likely tend to do. The step-wise explanation and the high relevance and essentiality of empathy and empathic listening, reflecting, and communicating made quite an impression on the young geckos. Surely the middle schoolers of the CBSE and Cambridge International section will take the learnings of the session ahead with them, imbibing such positive values and practicing empathy in all the spheres of their lives ahead.


Some highlights: