At The Gaudium School, we believe in “Every child matters to us”. We believe in giving ‘respect’ which is one of the core values of our school. At the Gaudium, we help each child find ‘joy’ through our core values. During this pandemic where the whole world is struggling to keep pace with the world. We give voice, choice and ownership to each one of our students. We as facilitators at The Gaudium are not leaving any stone unturned. Keeping this intention in mind I came up with the unique strategy of one to one interaction with my students which I have termed as “Our secret hideout”. It was an innovation which came in my mind during these virtual classes. I created a separate virtual class where each child approached me after waiting for his or her turn with my co-facilitator.

In this new class, we read, talked, and shared our feelings which children feel hesitant to share in front of other students. I learnt about their interests in music, craft, art, reading novels (yes, a 6-year-old child is reading a novel by Ms Sudha Murthy) and other areas apart from their regular studies. I didn’t know I have a piano player, an avid reader and other talented students in my class until now. It was an astounding experience.

I am so proud of my students who followed the essential agreements diligently and my instructions in disciplined order. I was really overwhelmed with joy and happiness when I implemented it in my class. I never thought reading, assessment, learning engagements and interaction with each child will be so fun. It was outstanding. I am really thankful to our principal Ms.Anjalika Ma’am and The Gaudium school to give us the freedom to innovate the ways to connect with children where we can share, reflect and learn from each other.


Some Highlights: