Night camp is always a fun outing for kids. The Gaudium school organised a night camp at Kollur on 10 th December 2016 for grade 3 to 8 geckos.Kids arrived at Kollur campus in the evening and participated lots of fun filled games. The geckos displayed their through talent show. Different tribes came up with innovative performances. All the members of the Gaudium family then enjoyed ” Tambola” game in the amphitheatre.During the bonfire, we had 2 special guests on the night, Mr. Len (Principal of one of the Canada Schools) and Ms.Saahiti Kolluru (Medical Sciences student), who made the night more musical and entertaining. Mr.Len played guitar and made all the kids sing to the tune. Ms. Saahiti sung different regional songs which made everyone present there to connect to her. The melodious voice and the beautiful song ” Jingle bells..” added refreshing moment to the event. A teacher dressed inĀ  Santa Claus costume entered the amphitheatre and danced with the geckos.It was indeed the perfect moment around the bonfire to listen to beautiful songs.our Music sir Mr. Rohit also played guitar and sung beautiful songs to the guitar tune and the fun did not stop there. All the teaching, Non teaching staff and geckos danced on Dj for a long time. Early morning everybody did warm up and went to a cross country walk around the campus.All the geckos had amazing fun filled activities and had gala time time throughout the night camp.

Facilitator: Ms. Pooja


Some fun moments: