Today in the world dominated by the use of ‘technology’, we are totally dependent on the mobile phones or the internet or as a matter of fact anything which makes work easier for us but sadly they have also forgotten the simple joys of life such as collecting coins in a piggy bank, making paper boats, or even the wonderful smell of newly printed paper. We are in such a rat-race that we simply do not have time to even look and smile at each other! Forget about writing letters of endearment on paper.

Just when was the last time you placed your pen to paper to make contact with someone? Email, texting and instant communication are incredible tools, but they do not have the personal touch and articulations of the handwritten letter. today on the 7 th of December 2016 We want to encourage students at Gaudium to celebrated The International Letter Writing Day by providing the Geckos with writing paper, pens , crayons and envelopes . The topic given to the fourth and fifth graders was very unique, simple and meaningful as they had to write a letter to themselves for when they grow up and the best part,The Gaudium management would post it to their permanent addresses on their thirteenth birthday to help them recall about their interests and ambitions when they were young so they can save it as a fond memory of themselves and laugh over it when they are adults .

The Geckos had a frolicking fun time writing a letter about themselves to themselves and were very excited about it. It was great to see them being meticulously perfect with their handwriting and took efforts to make the letter  presentable .The sixth, seventh and eighth graders (CBSE & CIE) had a higher level topic which would tickle their imagination. They were asked to be a scientist, to create an original invention with a labelled diagram and write a letter to ‘The Department of Science and Technology’ for approval of their idea and funding for their creation. It was really amazing to see the Geckos be so creative and innovative, they came up with so many thought-provoking creations which would actually make a scientist wonder if it could be possible to make them? After all every creations begins with an impossible thought eventually made possible. In their letters the Geckos mentioned something called ‘The Bamboo Copter’ attached to the head of a person by the help of which people could fly to places without paying for flight tickets , ‘ The Automatic Homework Machine’ in which you type in a topic and the research would be done, hand-written and printed automatically ‘The Time Traveller’ where we could go back and forth in the different eras conserving and saving energy to save the present energy crunch and many more thus polishing multiple skills such as igniting their imagination, thinking and application skills along with their writing and presentation skills.

Facilitators: Mrs.Reshma, Ms. Venessa


Some key moments: