MYP Parent Orientation (Phase-2) was successfully conducted at The Gaudium School on 18th July, 2020. The purpose of this orientation was to enlighten the parents and keep them informed about the intricate details of the MYP curriculum and the IB way of the teaching-learning process. The session was focused on three main areas- MYP subject group overviews, MYP assessments and Service as action in MYP. Coordinator Ms Bindya Jena gave a detailed explanation of the assessment patterns for MYP year 1 to 5. All the facilitators from subject groups- Language and literature, Language acquisition, Integrated humanities, Integrated sciences, Mathematics, Visual arts, Performing arts, Design, Physical and health education were a part of the session. During the presentation facilitators of each subject group elaborately explained the aims, objectives, assessment criteria, strategies and learning process of their respective subjects. They also presented the students’ work to explain the significance of the activities done by students in the very first units in each subject group.

The highlight of the session was a discussion on various techniques and tools adopted by facilitators to develop ATL and subject-specific skills during the virtual teaching. All the teachers felt that this session was crucial in terms of developing a common understanding of the MYP curriculum for them and the MYP parents.  Association and well-tuned cooperation between the parent and teacher community can make a positive difference in the MYP learning journey of the students even in these transforming times of education. The parents enthusiastically participated in the session and were keen to know the difficulties faced by the teachers during online classes and gave valuable suggestions on how to overcome them.

Parents appreciated the efforts of our IB Principal Mr Shanmugam, Coordinator Ms Bindiya and the whole MYP facilitating team in organising this orientation. They found the session very informative. The details given in the session bridged the gap between the MYP curriculum on paper and in practice. We received feedback to “set clear objectives for the students, motivate them to pursue the goals, and measure them from time to time.” The MYP team is highly motivated and completely committed to take up the suggestions given by the parents. We firmly believe in aligning the school’s Happy Mind Model with the MYP curriculum structure. We hope to get constant support from the parent community to make the first year of MYP in The Gaudium School as the stunning start of a great journey.