PP2 geckos passionately made animals in action out of clay and explicitly displayed it in the classroom. The activity was very captivating and prominent in every posture. The children displayed the attitude “empathy” and articulated the same when the guests arrived. The geckos superlatively reflected on our “animals” topic and exhibited excessive ways how animals are being used as workers.Geckos have got familiarized to diverse methods and ways on how an animal is being used as workers. They became aware of series of actions by animal extract which lead to the end products which is either used as food, clothing, medicine etc.8 clay models were displayed on 8 different classroom tables. Geckos explained the model displayed in front of them in a very presentable manner. They showed confidence in presenting their learning. A lot of natural material and interesting clay models of different structures of animals and humans made their models very creative, interesting and colourful. Geckos enjoyed a lot and developed various skills due to this event.


Coordinators: PP2 Home Room Teachers


Some moments from the event: