Janmashtami or Krishna Ashtami is the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna and is celebrated with much pomp and grandeur across India. It is on this day when we are reminded that there exists a fine balance between good and evil and in every age a great teacher or prophet or reformer has appeared to restore that balance. So, the importance of being balanced in one’s approach to life can barely be stressed any further. Our geckos also learn to be balanced, principled and have the qualities that will lead them to become teachers and leaders of tomorrow. The Janmashtami celebration reminded them of that.

Janmashtami is also celebrated to spread joy, love and laughter. Keeping in mind these significant teachings, we had a very colourful and energetic celebration in our school with drama and dance performances.

The tiny tots came dressed in the best of their attire as either Lord Krishna or as gopikas. The celebration started with a skit presented by PP2 geckos depicting birth of lord Krishna. It was followed by mesmerizing dance on Krishna’s songs, by the tiny tots of PP1. It was amazing to see our geckos dancing in rhythm, with complete coordination and expressions. Following the performances, the geckos performed the favourite activity of Lord Krishna – Dahi -Handi by breaking the pots decorated beautifully and filled with candies. The geckos enjoyed themselves and lent a vibe of joy and happiness to the campus. With their laughter ringing loud, the campus seemed filled with positivity and life. The campus had also been decorated specially for the occasion and it was truly a sight to behold. The kids had brought sweets, which they shared with each other.

This celebration not only taught the geckos to respect our culture and traditions but also enhanced their social skills.

Learning outcome: the joy of celebration was imbibed by our geckos and they were also told about the significance of the day.

Some highlights:

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