This activity was conducted by the Grade 3 students following the Inquiry cycle on ‘Community Helpers’ into the step of finding out the different types of jobs and the services provided by the helpers to the community.

Student Actions:The geckos of grade 3 interviewed various personnel from different professional backgrounds such as the supervisor, maintenance man, housekeeping, security guard,, bus drives and mason that were present at Kollur on campus. They prepared a questionnaire and recorded their past employment history, why they choose the current job etc.

Student learnings:Geckos interacted well with the staff personnel and understood that people have different jobs and each job profile has certain roles and responsibilities to fulfill that pays for personal as well provides help and services to the community. The students have identified the roles of these helpers although are at a lower level each one contributes to the bigger part in which the community is dependant on.They have learnt to respect them and found that with the evolution of time people have changed jobs and professions depending on their educations profiles, job opportunities, necessities, lack of resources etc…