Geckos of Grade 1, 2 and 3 went out for a Baker’s delight to the Country Oven at Madhapur. The field trip is a cherry on the top to their Inquiry cycle on ‘ Community helpers as it is associated with’ the profile of a Baker their workplace and services. It also gels with the theme of Celebrations: as we all take a trip to bakery on several occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries etc.

Student Actions:Geckos toured the country ovens kitchen and the lobby. They were allured by the aroma and the wide display of cakes, cookies, sweet and hot delights. They were very excited to try and check out the process on what makes these delights so tasty and irresistible to the tummy. Geckos met the Bakers and watched the process of baking cake and cookies. They also witnessed the pastry chef crafting and decorating the cake with frosting. In the lobby they got a peek at behind the scenes of a local business management.

Learning outcomes:The trip was both educational and interactive. We cannot think of celebrating a birthday without a cake. During their visit, the geckos learnt the art of baking and cake decoration. They were inspired by the food art and creativity and appreciated the bakers for their skills.The geckos also got an exciting opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn the baking process from start to finish and understood the efforts that go into making the fresh baked products. They learnt that different types of baked goods are prepared from different ingredients with specific measurements which also requires the right equipments and attention to details from the mixing of ingredients to the actual baking process. While watching the art of decorating the cake Geckos learnt some key terms of baking like proofing, icing etc. The field trip helped them to learn about entrepreneurship and the diversity in career choices too.


Some ‘delicious’ moments: