With great vigour and patriotism, The Gaudium celebrated the nations’ 73rd Independence Day at its Kollur Campus. Ms. Kirthi Reddy, the Director of the school hoisted the national flag which marked the start of the celebrations.  The welcome speech by Shreya Jain, the School Prefect, was to advocate the need for working for a better India. The geckos presented cultural programmes of different genres that exhibited their feeling for their mother country, India. The musical rendition and the dance performances awaken the feeling of oneness and love towards the country.

It was a moment of unity and demonstration of nationalism when all sang the song ‘Saare jahan se acha….’ together, which concluded the celebrations. For the geckos, it was a celebration that retold the history of India’s freedom struggle and a call for further action and hard work for India’s bright future.


Some highlights: