A few celebrations leave a significant mark on us. Such is our National Festival,  Independence Day.

The early years of Gaudium celebrated the glory of our independence, a day prior to the 15th of August, with much pride.

We began the celebration with a special assembly where the teachers performed patriotic songs and the early-years geckos got to learn the importance and significance of the celebration from Grades 3 to 5 seniors. They enjoyed the performances and appreciated and applauded the performers. They were also shown a visual presentation on the story of Independence Day. The assembly ended with the National Anthem.

The celebrations ignited curiosity in the  geckos about the history of India’s independence struggle. They inquired about the freedom struggle, the colors of the national flag and their significances. They were engaged in various learning engagements: coloring the flag with sponge dabbing; reflecting on responsibilities as young Indians; and  hand printing using the tri-colour to make our national bird, the peacock, etc.

It was a day packed with celebrations, inquiry and various activities through which we remembered and expressed gratitude to the heroes who sacrificed their lives to give us a free India. We finally concluded the celebrations of the 73rd Independence Day of our nation by distributing chocolates to the little geckos.


Some highlights: