Event: The Gaudium Hosts’ the First-2017 Hyderabad Sahodaya BHEL CBSE Cluster Sports Competetion.

Date: September 7 and 8, 2017

Venu: Kollur Campus.

Every sportsman knows that a gold medal is not about the shield, it determines handwork and perseverance. Sports is one of the important aspects of the life of any individual, it not only helps one grow and develop physically but cultivates number of quint essential values of self-confidence, self-competition in the true spirit of sportsmanship. We at the Gaudium encourage this spirit of sportsmanship by giving an opportunity to our geckos to explore different sports and motivate them to participate in many external competitions to build their confidence and competitive spirit.

Gaudium is a member of Hyderabad Sahodaya BHEL CBSE cluster schools which provides an opportunity for the group schools to collaborate for different events, one such yearly event is the sports meet. This year The Gaudium played host to two tournaments of this year’s sports event, Basketball and Chess on the 7th and 8th September 2017.

The opening ceremony of the tournament was graced by the presence of our chief guests Indian Basketball Technical Committee Chairman Mr. Norman Issac, Circle Inspector Mr. Srinivasa Naidu, Circle Inspector of BDL Bhanur Division Mr. Venugopal Reddy, our Director Mrs.Keerthi Reddy, Principal Mrs. Hema Surapneni, our Admin Head Mr. Sudhakar Reddy and ten of the zonal participating schools.

Our geckos welcomed the guests with a dance and music performance followed by the oath for all the participants to be fair and respectful towards their game. It was very inspiring to hear Mr. Issac sharing his experiences with all and motivated the students to pursue at least one sport. He marked the tournament open along with the other guests by shooting the ball in the basket, amongst loud cheers and applauds from the students and teachers. The guests wished good luck to all the teams and the referees. We specially invited the referees who were not a part of any of the participating schools including ours to be unbiased and fair in their judgment of the games.

Along with the tournaments we also conducted a 2K run for the participants’ that was flagged off by Mr. Srinivasa Naidu and Mr. Venugopal Reddy. Our Admin Head Mr. Sudhakar Reddy motivated the participants by starting the race with them. The winners were awarded with medals and certificates.

Day 2 witnessed a nerve-wrecking performance by the teams who qualified to the semi-finals and finals. Gaudium school geckos exhibited true sportsman spirit by being spectators of the final match and cheering for the best team who were their competitors in the qualifiers. The event was concluded with a formal closing ceremony. Grade 4 geckos performed a dance to mark the end and the senior school geckos participated in the presentation ceremony to congratulate the winning teams. The principal gave a vote of thanks and felicitated the referees with a token of appreciation. The winners of the tournament Boys Team Runners-up Prachin Global School and Winner Silver Oaks School, Girls Team Runners-up Samisthi School and Winner Silver Oaks School were awarded with medals and certificates and a trophy for the team by the Principal and Admin Head in the closing ceremony. The chess matches were conducted simultaneously and the players performed their best. Final match went on for over 3 hours it was a tough fight between the players of Vikas Concept School where Shruthik Sarvangi won Silver while Hruthik Lokesh won a Gold Medal for his school. All the teams cheered for each other and posed for a team picture with their trophies. The schools exhibited true sportsmanship and team spirit.


Some photos of the event: