In an attempt to widen our perspectives about the city that we dwell in, Grades 9 and 11 CBSE ventured on an educational tour on October 25 to the hugely acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage site, the Golconda Fort. Walking around this architectural marvel truly transports you back in time. The excitement was at its peak, quite undeterred despite the scorching heat. The explorer’s instincts propelled the crowd to the mysterious corridors and intelligently-masked stairways, and with it followed conjectures of unravelling mysteries of the royal past.

The stone engravings gave a clear insight into the life of the regalia. Nonetheless, the highlight of the day was manoeuvring our way to the pinnacle of the fort and the enthusiastic young Champs traversed the steepest of stone stairs to accomplish this mighty feat. Once we were there, we felt no less royal than the citadel itself.

The fort proudly stands tall as a sentinel of the ‘Nawabi’ culture and every stone narrates the saga of a flourishing bygone era that brings us closer to our past.


Some pics: