Ms Shraddha Iyer, the CAIE Coordinator conducted a professional development session for the Senior School Faculty team on the Happy Mind’s Model. The session commenced with a thought-provoking video presentation of how the true essence of being someone’s source of happiness lies in building a connection. Moving on, the attendees were allowed time to recall either fond or bitter memories from their school days that had left a lasting impression. Reminiscences and sharing of these accounts took each one of us back in time. As nostalgic overtook, it drew home the point, that as facilitators of wisdom and knowledge we are instrumental in carving these memories for our children.

Further ahead, the role of all the stakeholders in the Happy Minds Model was elucidated. It outlined that the school is the springboard which provides the learners a platform to soar higher and higher in every sphere of their developmental process. Infact it redoubles their efforts by providing an upthrust to the minutest of initiatives. Moreover, the teachers as mentors and parents as partners to their educational journey provide the conducive environment to add wings to their aspirations. The session concluded with the subject experts left to brainstorm and jot down ideas of putting the aforesaid model into practice in the daily classroom transactions. Overall it was a highly interactive and engaging session that left us pondering over creating a classroom that is distinctly identified by the joy it exudes.


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