Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue – Plato

A guest lecture was conducted by Mr. Rohit (Music Facilitator) for grade 1 geckos as a part of their unit of inquiry “Sound”.

During the course of this lecture he displayed various instruments and asked the Geckos site their observations in the musical room. Mr. Rohit explained each instrument individually along with their importance in the world of music.

To have a better understanding about instruments among the Geckos he classified the instruments by explaining it’s unique features and provided an understanding to identify them.

  1. String Instrument (example: Guitar, Veena, Sarangi, Harp etc..)
  2. Membrane / Skin instruments (example: Mrudangam, Drums, Tabla, Dhol etc..)
  3. Wind Instruments (example: Flute, Bansuri, Saxophone, Trumpets etc….)
  4. Electric Instruments (example: electric guitar, keyboard etc….)

He practically demonstrated various instruments in the Gaudium Musical Hall. There the students learnt about their functioning, sound and how they are played. Our geckos thoroughly enjoyed the music created by the instruments. One of our Gecko showed her talent in playing the keyboard by which the guest lecturer was surprised by the immense talent of the kid and appreciated and encouraged all the other Geckos to master their talent with their loved musical instrument. This lecture was truly a boost to the Geckos to learn different types of sounds and instruments.


Some snaps: