Students of grade 1attended a guest lecture on the concept ” exploring sound and it’s real life applications ” . The guest speaker was Mr.Rama Koteswara Rao, Science Faculty from our senior school. The guest lecture started with an interesting question on what is sound and what is vibration. They understood that sound is a form of energy and is the result of vibration of a body. Going further the concepts of pitch and loudness were explained. Kids were shown a video of the famous bell jar experiment to prove that sound needs a medium to travel. They learnt that human hearing capacity has a range, any sound below it is called infrasonics and any sound above it is called ultrasonics. Students were awestruck while watching a video on creation of beautiful patterns of salt, placed on a metal plate when the metal plate was exposed to various sound frequencies. The lecture concluded by understanding the real life applications  of ultrasound by animals like bats, in the field of medicine to observe the growth of foetuses and to treat kidney stones.