Inviting guest speakers into the classroom is a classic teaching strategy. Welcoming other voices into the classroom provides students with access to other perspectives, adds variety to the classroom routine, and demonstrates that learning is a collaborative enterprise.

Having guest speakers enhances the educational experience of the students. Moreover, it is a great way for the students to get maximum exposure as guest speakers’ talk about their real-life experiences and not what is there in the textbooks. Guest lecture help students improve their learning in a more interactive, topic specific way.

Our geckos are learning about 5Rs. They are learning to use resources wisely and have started reflecting on waste management. We invited our Principal, Mrs. Hema Surpaneni to interact with our geckos and explain to them the waste management. Mrs. Hema explained that waste can be of two types – wet waste or dry waste. Wet waste is from animals and plants.  They learnt how to segregate the waste into wet waste and dry waste.  Mrs. Hema explained how to make manure from the wet waste for the plants, which is super food for the plants. Wet waste is mixed with soil and left for 15 days after that the bacteria converts the wet waste to manure which is very good for the plants.. Mrs. Hema showed what goes in a compost pit (Layer wise) – soil, vegetable/fruit waste, soil, cow dung, soil, vegetables. Children enjoyed the session and later reflected on the guest talk on 5Rs and compost making.

Learning Objective: to learn about manure and compost.


Key moments: