The geckos of grade 3 are currently inquiring on the topic Rights and Responsibilities. In the finding out stage, the geckos were introduced to the 30 universal child rights. Every right was been discussed in the classroom for a better understanding. Following with the discussion, the geckos were taken to Borabatla village Govt. School, which is an under privileged school. They met the students of Borabatla School and interviewed them and inquired them generally about their personal information and families. The also inquired about the problems they are facing in their school and what are the facilities they are missing out on. They had a confident conversation with each other. The students of Borabatla were also enthusiastic and communicative during their conversation. The geckos had a tour of the school so that they could observe, compare and contrast Borabatla school with their own and also observed what is missing. The geckos were very enthusiastic during the tour of the school. The learning outcome of this tour was to understand the lack of rights which are been faced by the Borabatla students. The geckos were very communicative and balanced during their field trip and conversation with the school students. The geckos imbibed the profile and attitude of Open-minded and Empathy.

Learning Outcome: to understand the importance of upholding child rights.


Some highlights: