Mrs. Archana Reddy chose to share her personal history with the students.  She wanted to be free from the system, culture and tradition where she could do what she wanted. So she worked hard to get into the university. She applied for scholarship and went to New Zealand for a 2 years masters Research program.

She shared her love and first experience to travel and stay by herself in the most beautiful country. Following were the changes and challenges she faced:

  • Weather change
  • Food
  • Language
  • Happy to have a first air journey
  • Excellent customer services
  • Visited international conferences, church room

After New Zealand, she moved to USA. Everything in terms of food,language,culture and weather changed. Here also she visited many places Vegas, Disney land, Niagra Falls, Statue of Liberty. Her observation in class: “I found geckos very enthusiastic, interactive who described my migration as a pull factor.”

Facilitator: Mrs. Archana Reddy


Some highlights: