Great leaders don’t necessary exemplify perfection, but the idea of inspiration. A great leader needs a clear vision, intuition and empathy to be able to lead a team to victory even when on an unexplored path.
The geckos from Grade 2 at The Gaudium International School had the opportunity of a tete-a-tete with one such leader from the field of sport. The geckos interacted with Mr. Syed Alamdar Raza, a national level football player who has vast experience in leadership in sports.

Mr. Alamdar discussed with the geckos his personal journey through both success and failure as a leader. Mr. Alamdar talked about how leadership is a great teaching experience. He described how his experiences enabled him to develop management skills and the qualities required for success as a leader.

The young minds were enthralled as they witnessed some of Mr. Alamdar’s life’s moments chronicled in the form of videos that he shared with them. This was followed by a Q&A session where the geckos asked questions ranging from the strengths required for leadership and more details about the Mr. Alamdar’s experience. It is said that young minds learn when they are exposed to the real world. This was one such moment as the little ones learned about leadership from no other, than a leader himself.

Facilitator: Mr. Syed Alamdar Raza


Key highlights of the talk: