A guest lecture by Mr. Sam, a musician was really fun filled for our geckos as they took part with him in singing and more they were wondered to know that music too have a language. This guest lecture enlightened our geckos on how music is an art and carries a language that can be written and read like any other language. He taught them as to how one can express oneself through music and the role it plays in our day-to-day’s life. He elicited from students how sound takes a music form and expresses different emotions. He motivated the students to learn music. Questionnaire session was very interactive as all our geckos came up with many doubts and Mr. Sam was persistence enough to answer them. They learnt a new song from him which was written and composed by his group. Mr. Sam clarified all their queries. And the session ended with students singing a song taught by him with a lot of zeal and passion.

Facilitator: Mr. Sam


Some musical highlights: